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Cellulite Reduction - Acoustic Wave Therapy™

Cellulite Reduction - Mesomassage™

What causes cellulite?
Cellulite is caused by contraction of the fibrous bands that attach just beneath the skin at right angles. This contraction causes the bands to pull the skin inward, creating the ‘rippling’ of the skin that we call cellulite. The contraction process is believed to be caused by the waxing and waning of hormonal levels associated with the menstrual cycle, explaining why men are not afflicted by this phenomenon. At Vita Nova, we attack cellulite using two methods in combination: acoustic wave therapy and mesomassage.
What is acoustic wave therapy?
Acoustic wave therapy uses acoustic (sound) waves to stretch the contracted fibrous bands that are responsible for cellulite. Several thousand impulses are delivered to each area during a treatment. Delivering acoustic waves also has been shown to increase the number of blood vessels in the treated area, and to stimulate collagen production as well. These serve to further enhance its effectiveness against cellulite.
What is mesomassage?
Mesomassage combines ultrasound and very mild electrical stimulation to the treated area to promote the passage of a fat-dissolving compound through the skin. Reducing the number of fat cells just under the skin is another way to smooth out the dimples of cellulite.
How many treatments will I need?
We recommend a treatment twice per week for three weeks, though in a minority of cases a few additional treatments will be recommended. A maintenance treatment every three months is recommended for everyone.
Are these treatments recommended for everyone with cellulite?
About 80% of persons will get noticeable, if not dramatic, improvement. The best results are likely to be seen in persons who are not over their ideal body weight. For those considerably above their ideal body weight, a weight loss program will be recommended before cellulite therapy is recommended.

If you have any questions about Cellulite Reduction or any other procedure or would like to make a Complimentary Consultation please contact us here or call us at (703) 361-3232
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