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Do you find yourself struggling with redness that doesn’t seem to go away in areas of the face or, in some cases, the body? Despite using skincare products advertised to help soothe and relieve redness. Do your parents suffer from the same issue? Do you notice certain instances where the redness will worsen or flare-up? You may have a condition known as Rosacea, which causes a noticeable amount of irritated tiny blood vessels to appear in the areas of the cheeks, nose, and face.

So you have Rosacea, huh? No biggie, we have solutions to reduce symptoms and signs of this type of skin concern.

Rosacea is a very common, but often misunderstood condition of the skin. The exact cause of Rosacea is not known, however, it is thought to be caused by genetic blood vessel abnormalities, poor digestive health, and other environmental factors. This condition causes redness and visible blood vessels to flare up on the face for weeks or even months. It is most common in middle-aged women, but can often happen to anyone.

Since the cause is uncertain it can lead to a person being misdiagnosed for concerns, such as dermatitis, eczema, or other conditions that cause similar issues to the skin. This can cause one to feel self-conscious, have low self-esteem, or a feeling of hopelessness that they may never see clear skin again. The first step in treating Rosacea is to have a proper diagnosis by a medical professional to narrow down and ensure that there are no other causes that may be inflaming the skin, such as allergies or any of the other conditions stated above.

Diet is also known to be a major cause for flaring or worsening in patients with Rosacea. It is important to avoid or limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine (this includes chocolate, which has caffeine in it), and dairy. It is also important to get one’s stress under control, as stress is a precursor to a toxin known as cortisol that can wreak havoc on the body. One medication that is used in the front-line defense against Rosacea is hydrocortisone, along with other anti-inflammatory medications.

If you or a loved one is experiencing irritation and redness longer than you can remember, or have recently developed these concerns, scheduling a proper skin analysis is key to developing a proper treatment plan to combat Rosacea. This condition is not curable, but with the right help, you can keep it under control for the future to come!

So you want a more clear and even-tone complexion with reduced signs of inflammation, redness, and capillaries? Here is where we come in to help get you there.

We have…

  • IPL Photorejuvenation – With the use of a special vascular filter, Intense Pulse Light Therapy helps to break down superficial vessels, which clears the body naturally.
  • Microneedling – This resurfaces the top layers of the skin, promoting healthy new skin growth. Sufferers of Rosacea generally have thinner skin, while Microneedling helps to build healthy collagen-rich skin.
  • Vita Nova Triple Antioxidant Cream – This product is packed with antioxidants, green tea polyphenols, resveratrol, and hyaluronic acid to help calm and soothe inflammation.
  • Skinade – Add Derma Defense A&D Boost to assist with moisture, protection, and healing from within.
    • Skinade’s Targeted Solutions skincare line, Derma Defense A&D Boost works from the inside out to protect, shield, and rejuvenate the skin all over.
    • Vitamin A covers countless functions in our body: it strengthens and maintains the skin, hair, and mucous membranes while stimulating normal skin cell renewal and elasticity.
    • Thanks to its powerful antioxidants that fights free radicals, Vitamin A prevents the signs of aging skin. Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin A synergistically perform important functions regulating the process of skin formation and healing. Skin pigmentation is often attributed to a deficiency in Vitamin A.