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Is acne rearing its head on your doorstep? You are not alone, more than 40 million Americans struggle with acne! The most important thing to figure out is not how to get rid of your breakouts, but what is actually causing them. Nowadays many people are experiencing breakouts especially due to the use of facial coverings during the global pandemic. So sit tight, read on, and let’s start on the road to a clearer future!

Here is a list of acne types and how you may combat and prevent acne for clearer skin.

  • Use of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid)
  • Retinoids help to unclog pores before they become infected
  • Use of both Alpha (Glycolic Acid) and Beta (Salicylic Acid) help to exfoliate the top layers of skin while also working within the pore to breakdown oils and impurities.
  • AHA, such as Glycolic Acid
  • Retinoids 
  • Anti-inflammatory products / Antioxidants 
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs (bread and pasta) as well as dairy 
Mask Acne – Oily skin most at risk 
  • Most likely bacterial and clogged pores
  • Wash mask per label with hypoallergenic soap at least once a week. Avoid fabric softener 
  • Expose masks to sun when not in use to utilize UV rays which are antibacterial/viral 
  • Avoid makeup under masks, along with starting new skin care products, as this can irritate the skin and cause further inflammation.

If you are someone that has struggled with acne breakouts, or have noticed breakouts since wearing a mask, we have solutions for you! 

Do you want…
  • To get rid of acne around the mask area or even full face, while maintaining the health of your skin. 
  • Proven products and treatments that can address both acne and blemishes left behind from acne?
We have…
  • An acne tailored facial that combines our Acleara Acne Clearing System. The Acleara is an innovative system that uses broadband light and suction that deeply cleanses while eradicating acne causing bacteria. Patients of all ages with any degree of acne can benefit; as it is the first FDA-cleared laser developed for the treatment of mild to moderate acne, comedonal acne, and pustular acne.
  • Vita Nova’s Acne Clearing Skincare System
    • Our skincare regimen offers 4 acne medicated solutions to combat adolescent and adult acne. This acne clearing system includes a blend of 5% glycolic and 2% salicylic acid mix to help prevent and purify breakouts. The system also includes a benzoyl peroxide that works as an antiseptic to reduce the number of acne causing bacteria on the surface of your skin.