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Annie, a licensed Master Esthetician, who provides services at Vita Nova Medical Spa in Manassas

Meet Annie and learn about why she loves the aesthetics industry, what kind of services she loves to receive, and what she’s currently binge-watching!

Annie is one of the incredible providers at Vita Nova. She’s a licensed Master Esthetician who’s passionate about providing curated services and making sure you understand the products and techniques she’s using. If you’re interested in skincare education, an appointment with Annie is a must!

What initially attracted you to the aesthetics industry?

The first time I was interested in skincare was because I personally had rosacea, and I was interested in figuring out how to improve it. I got really into skincare and medical aesthetics after that and decided to pursue it after initially wanting to become an elementary school teacher. The education aspect is so important to me, and I love breaking down complicated biology to make it easy for people to understand. Aesthetics is a really great combination of all my passions and past experiences.

VI Peel aesthetic service at Vita Nova Medical Spa

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Results! I love seeing clients trust the process and are happy with the results. It’s great to see that self-care is becoming second nature to people.

What’s your typical day like?

I come in and get all the rooms ready – especially in the winter. We make sure the warmers are on so you’re not cold when you come in for your appointment! Apart from that, no day is the same – I’m doing facials, working with laser devices, you name it. I also love following up with patients and answering their questions or hearing about their progress. Outside of that, I’m always cleaning and sanitizing! 

What are the building blocks of a good skincare routine?

In order to have healthy skin and a good skin barrier, you really need a good regimen. You’ll need some kind of cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen that’s going to offer enough protection. But each product needs to be custom targeted to what’s appropriate for your skin type in order to help you achieve your skincare goals. 

What’s your favorite Vita Nova product?

Our Hyaluronic Acid! It’s definitely the first one I go to and one I always recommend.

What’s your favorite Vita Nova package?

I like the Vita Repair – it’s a Micropeel and IPL combo package where you receive a micropeel and two weeks later you receive an IPL so you’re really treating everything – appearance, texture, sun spots, and so on.

What’s something you wish people knew about skincare?

That it can be easy! Also, while it can be expensive at first, investing in medical-grade skincare will get you significantly better results than non-medical-grade would. Rather than going through less regulated products at a fast rate, you can use smaller amounts of medical-grade skincare and get really amazing results.

What’s an aesthetic myth you want to disprove?

I think there are a lot of misconceptions around supplements, particularly collagen pills. Certain types of supplements can be really helpful, like Skinade, which does a good job of building the collagen in your system. But supplements aren’t always regulated and can have inconsistent ingredients. You really have to do your research and always choose medical-grade products.

What’s your favorite skincare fact?

The word “collagen” actually comes from a Greek word, “Colla”, which means “glue”! Collagen is the building block of our bodies and holds everything together.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Tea – probiotic tea. Or antioxidant green teas. Less caffeine is better for me!

What’s the last song you listened to?

I listen to a lot of rap! If you come to see me at work I always pick calm music during treatments but outside of work, my music taste is pretty different.

What, if anything, are you currently binge-watching? Or reading?

CSI Vegas is back so I’m watching that with my mom. I’m also watching White Lotus and Lucifer. I love suspenseful stories!

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Career-wise, I want to have more certifications and continue my education always. But in terms of my personal life, I want to go somewhere really beautiful – somewhere in the French Polynesians would be amazing!


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