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Get the Most Out Of Your Treatment with Expert Advice from Vita Nova Medical Spa

So, you’ve just finished your facial appointment and your skin is radiant and glowing. During the past hour, you’ve been pampered with high-quality skincare products by a Master Esthetician, and while you’re probably feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of your day, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your treatment. 

Skin can be sensitive post-appointment, so you’ll also need to make sure you avoid negatively impacting your skin health. While that might sound intimidating, we at Vita Nova are here to break it down for you. Make sure you’re signed up for our complimentary newsletter to receive expert skincare advice and exclusive promotions directly in your inbox.

Speaking of, here are ten of the biggest mistakes you’ll need to avoid after a facial.

Touching Your Face

Avoid touching your face after a facial, as your hands can carry bacteria and your skin will be at its most sensitive. Touching or picking at your face can lead to infections and more, so make sure you give your skin the space to heal.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Steer clear of direct sunlight after a facial, and be sure to use a high-quality sunscreen as part of your daily morning skincare routine if you aren’t already doing so.

Strenuous Exercise

Although you don’t need to avoid the gym completely, you should keep it on the lighter side. Heavy workouts should be avoided for a few days after your appointment because sweat can irritate your freshly treated skin.

Overdoing It With Skincare Products

Stick to a simple skincare routine and avoid using too many products immediately after a facial. You’ll also want to avoid all retinol or products that will lower the skin’s pH for five days. 

It’s also a good time to spring clean your skincare routine and throw out expired products! Check out our guide to spring cleaning your skincare routine here.

Ignoring Professional Advice

Listen to your Esthetician’s recommendations for post-procedure care as they’re familiar with your skin and can use their expertise to give you advice that is tailored to your skin type and lifestyle. Whether you’re a skincare junkie or you were frantically googling “what is a facial” to figure out what to expect, we can meet you where you’re at!

Using Heavy Makeup

Give your skin a break and opt for light, breathable products. Reserve full glam looks for a few days after your treatment and prioritize your skincare routine during this crucial recovery period.

Facial Hair Reduction

Plan on waiting a few days for facial hair removal treatments like waxing or threading due to the skin’s increased sensitivity following your facial treatment.

Using Steam Rooms, Saunas, or Showering with Hot Water

Try to avoid saunas, steam rooms, or hot baths immediately after a facial to prevent irritation, skin sensitivity, and broken capillaries.

Using Harsh Cleansers and Other Products

Stay away from strong chemical peels or exfoliating products right after a facial. Your skin will be too sensitive for these intense products, so you should stick to a gentle cleanser instead.

Considering the Appointment a One-and-Done

Maintain a regular skincare routine by ensuring you have a complete skincare regimen that’s suited to your skin type, and schedule follow-up appointments as recommended by your Esthetician. The most efficient way to do so is by becoming a valued member of Vita Nova Medical Spa and enjoying monthly benefits including choosing from our curated list of treatments and enjoying discounts on medical-grade skincare products. 

At Vita Nova Medical Spa, our Master Estheticians will provide you with information and recommendations during your appointment. They’re not only experts, but they’re passionate about skincare and are happy to help curate your perfect skin treatment plan. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment to jump-start your journey towards healthier skin!

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