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Experience these new spring trends to look and feel your best this season.

Spring is now among us. For many, it signals longer days, sunshine, and more time spent outdoors. For our team at Vita Nova, it means a fresh start for health and wellness. While you check off your spring bucket list, we recommend adding in a new med spa treatment or skin care product to get you feeling like your best self this season. 

So what should you add to your bucket list? Think of Vita Nova Medical Spa as your guide to all the latest trends for spring 2023.

The Latest Trends and Treatments

So you’ve decided to start a new self care routine this spring. Great! But what comes next? We are here to walk you through our favorite products and services that we project to be all the rage in the coming months. Health and wellness do not have to be complicated. Setting new goals is not about starting over. You are simply enhancing your best self. Vita Nova wants to help you achieve your individual goals and boost your self-confidence.

Body Treatments

Accufit is a four-cycle program that uses electrical stimulation to gradually increase contractions that build, shape, and define your muscles. Simply put, it uses muscle activation for an improved aesthetic appearance. This non-invasive treatment requires no downtime and can be achieved in just 30 minutes. It is effective in targeting desired areas like abs, glutes, arms, and thighs; and is one of our favorite services offered at Vita Nova because of its level of efficacy. With a package of Accufit, you can get beach body ready within 2-3 weeks!

Genius is an RF Microneedling device that creates heat in targeted layers of the dermis to tone and improve the texture of the skin. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite, redness, and even out skin tone. By comparison, it’s a more tolerable approach to alternative skin resurfacing methods. While the initial redness and swelling can take up to a few days to subside, most people may resume normal activities within 48 hours. Our providers will outline your treatment plan by discussing your individual goals and the number of treatments necessary.

We love Genius for its proven long-lasting results that are tailored to you. Because your skin is unique, your results will be as well. 

Laser hair reduction is one of our most popular services and one that is perfect to implement into your spring routine. Our laser hair reduction device not only reduces unwanted hair but also provides the treatment of inflammatory acne with its photorejuvenation therapy. There are little to no side effects, so you’ll be able to resume your normal activity. We recommend booking a complimentary consultation with one of our excellent providers to determine if you are a candidate. Individual results may vary from person to person. 

If you’re about to break out your spring wardrobe, you may want to consider adding laser hair reduction treatments as a fun finishing touch.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned skin care guru, we recommend taking advantage of our Vita Nova Signature Facial. A favorite among our clients, this service is tailored specifically to your skin. Our Master Estheticians will highlight the benefits of maintenance, hydration, and restoring your skin’s natural glow. The Signature Facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for the brighter days ahead.

Aesthetic Products

We all hear about the importance of Vitamin C in our diets, but did you know it offers a host of benefits for your skin? April 4th is National Vitamin C Day, and we always suggest adding a serum to your skin care regimen. Just a few drops on your skin in the morning can brighten your complexion, lock in moisture, and protect against free radical damage from pollution and sun exposure. If there is only one product you add this spring, let it be Vitamin C. 

You may not be familiar with Skinceuticals’s Phloretin CF. An antioxidant serum that is composed of Vitamin C, Phloretin, and Ferulic Acid. Great for normal to combination skin. Its components protect against environmental damage while also fighting discoloration. Implementing Phloretin CF makes a perfect addition to your skin care regimen as you spend more time outside. 

When paired with Phloretin CF, Skinceuticals’s Discoloration Defense Serum does exactly as it sounds, it protects against discoloration. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of discoloration, you’ll quickly notice a brighter, more even skin tone. We can’t get enough of its benefits for spring. 

A great moisturizer is essential to any skin care regimen, but did you know that you should change yours out seasonally? As the seasons change, so do your skin and its needs. Spring allergens can irritate your skin, leaving it red and inflamed. To combat redness and irritation, try implementing Vita Nova’s Triple Antioxidant Cream. This product contains green tea polyphenols that work overtime to reduce redness and irritation while resveratrol, often found in red wine, offers anti-aging properties that protect from free radical damage. 

If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades product, Vita Nova’s Botanical Multi-Correction Serum has you covered. With soothing ingredients like cucumber and thyme, the antioxidant and botanical properties provide balance and relief for multiple skin concerns. We love it at Vita Nova not only for the multiple benefits that it offers but because it can be used immediately post-procedure. Be sure to grab one after getting your next treatment!

Which Trends and Treatments Will You Choose at Vita Nova Medical Spa?

We know that this may seem like a lot to digest. With ample information available on our spring essentials list, it can be difficult to narrow down which products and services are right for you. Let Vita Nova educate and assist you from your initial consultation to the end of treatment. With our flexible financing option called Cherry, your new spring beauty regimen is right within reach. 

At Vita Nova Medical Spa, you can expect to receive the best treatment that yields long-lasting results. We’re confident you’ll leave satisfied with the convenience of our non-invasive treatments and innovative skin care products. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process, developing a personalized plan that will have you discover your best self this season. Let us curate a memorable experience for you. Contact us today to learn more about our spring treatments and skin care.

The Newest Spring Beauty Trends

Spring is here. Contact us today to try these new trends.